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Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

Welcome to the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program (LACS) at the College of Charleston!

Housed in the School of Languages, Cultures and World Affairs, the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program promotes cultural exchange and interdisciplinary research in a key region of today's globalized communities and economies. The Program offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the study of the languages, literature, history, politics, art and culture of Latin America and the Caribbean. It allows for faculty members and students coming from a wide range of areas but with a common interest in the region to benefit from an intellectually stimulating trans disciplinary environment.

The Program provides our Majors with full linguistic and cultural immersion by requiring them to spend a semester or a summer abroad in one of the many College of Charleston programs sponsored by LACS; at renowned Latin American or Caribbean universities affiliated with the College of Charleston; or through approved independent programs. The LACS Program is also committed to assisting its students with their post-graduation job searches by tailoring an internship opportunity to each LACS Major's area of interest and needs.

For more detailed information, please contact Dr. Lola Colomina-Garrigos, Program Director, at

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Study abroad

Cuba Spring 2017


Argentina Spring 2017


Upcoming Courses

Spring 2017

Cross-Cultural Communication and Experience – Destination Latin America! (LC3),

FYSE 111: Cross-Cultural Communication: Focus Latin America and LACS 101: Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies and FYSS 101, Celeste Lacroix and Lola Colomina-Garrigos, Communication and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 3 FYE and 3 humanities credits

This learning community will provide an introduction to both Latin America and the Caribbean and cross-cultural communication studies. The community will trace back pertinent historical aspects related to the social, political, cultural and economic development that lead to relevant contemporary issues or topics affecting the continent while also equipping students to understand the communicative opportunities and challenges that arise when North Americans interact with members of Latin American cultures. In particular, in preparation for spring break study abroad trip that is part of this course, we will focus on the culture and politics of Cuba in light of re-established diplomatic relations with the United States.

2017 FYI Abroad course

Island Immersion: Language and Culture in the French Caribbean (Guadalupe, French West Indies)

Live like the locals in the French Caribbean by immersion in Guadalupe's language and culture. This course will include family homestays, intensive language courses, and excursions to the natural  and cultural attractions of the island - from kayaking and gardens to museums and cooking classes. We will also spend a day of service learning with a local organization to engage with the community. For more information contact Kathy Kaufmann at

Course Directors: Kathy Kaufmann (French) and Sarah Owens (LACS); Peer Mentors: TBD

LTSP 252LACS 350 Spring 2017