Internships for Academic Credit

The LACS Program is committed to assisting its students with their post-graduation job searches by tailoring an internship opportunity to each LACS Major's area of interest and needs. An internship will enable you to achieve one of the primary goals of our curriculum - the ability to apply what has been learned at the College of Charleston. An internship will help reinforce theories and concepts with concrete experiences and apply perspectives of the discipline in a work setting. Internships are experience and applied knowledge blended with course and research work. Additionally, internships can help you both in the job market and with graduate school admission. Internships are available through LACS and the individual departments contributing to LACS.

For more detailed information, please contact the LACS Program Director, at

LACS Internship Opportunities 

La Isla Network international research and policy NGO working at the intersection of public health and human rights

SAF Student Action with Farmworkers (Application deadline for summer 2022: Feb 7, 2022)

Global Experience  CofC affiliate program that offers internship experiences in Costa Rica, you can sign up through our study abroad office

Internship Search non-profit volunteer and internship opportunities world wide

Global Jobs internship/ job board for international, NGO, non-profit, government, and development careers

EnLAcE   Electronic Network for Latin American Careers and Employment (U. Texas at Austin)

Opportunities in the United States

Opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean

some programs are fee-based